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Technical maintenance of PV installations

As a project developer and supplier of solar panels, in many cases it is not possible to offer maintenance of PV systems ourselves. When failures occur, it is always a matter of finding a suitable local installer who can carry out the maintenance or repair. We are therefore regularly asked by the market whether we can also offer this technical maintenance nationally.

Thanks to our cooperation with a large, very experienced Dutch roofing specialist and installer, we can also offer the complete technical maintenance of PV installations. This company has national coverage and can therefore be deployed throughout the Netherlands.

We can offer you a total care concept. This includes the annual maintenance and inspection of PV installations. As standard, the installations are visited once a year and preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out in accordance with the relevant guidelines and NEN standards. Optionally, this inspection can be extended to include a NEN3140 inspection.

Please feel free to contact our staff for more information.