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Our staff

Flevo Solar Wash B.V. specialises in the professional cleaning of solar panels so that you get maximum yield from your solar panels. Installation companies, local and national governments, owners' associations and companies are among Flevo Solar Wash B.V.'s customers.

Flevo Solar Wash B.V. professionally cleans your solar panels using warm osmosis water and no cleaning agents that are often harmful to the environment. We have the right tools and expertise to clean solar panels safely, professionally and efficiently.

Who can you get in touch with?

Tom Pappot

Managing director of Flevo Solar Wash B.V. and responsible for the day-to-day business, planning and execution of the activities.

Send an e-mail to Tom

Or call: 06-13 36 50 28



Claudia Pappot

Administrative assistant at Flevo Solar Wash B.V. Claudia takes care of the financial and commercial activities.

Send an e-mail to Claudia

Or call: 06 - 55 81 83 84



We are qualified and in possession of the VCA-VOL certificate.

Want to know more about us?

If you would like to know more about Flevo Solar Wash B.V., our services, working methods and possibilities, please send us an e-mail at info@flevosolarwash.nl. You can also fill in the contact form on our website.