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Cleaning of solar farm

Making metres!

This week we are working on this park of 16,920 solar panels.

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Solar Solutions International 2021

Solar Solutions International 2021 from 28 to 30 September in Expo Vijfhuizen.

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Flevo Solar Wash BV is in possession of an exploitation licence and an EU drone certificate.

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Grease and dust do not disappear like snow in the sun

grease and dust on solar panels do not disappear like snow in the sun

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Closer and closer to our goal!

Our goal is to clean at least 100,000 solar panels by 2021.

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What projects do we clean?

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy with roof-related projects. We would like to let you enjoy the variety of projects and locations. Watch this video. Solar panels on a 40-metre-high flat and many solar panels linked together on business premises. We are proud of the fact that we are always able to offer our clients the solution [...].

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Over 6,000 m2 of solar panels cleaned

Over the past few days, we had the opportunity to clean this project in the Flevopolder. There were 3,720 solar panels spread across six roof surfaces. The highest solar panels were about 30 metres high. With our SolarCleano cleaning robot, we were able to get the heavily contaminated panels clean again. The project can now generate plenty of energy again. Click on the photo for more [...].

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Mowing the solar farm - let us do it!

Today we are mowing a solar farm. A solar park consists of long rows of interconnected solar panels resting on metal supports. With the help of the #raymo mowing robot and the #spider, we can mow underneath the supports in this park. Both machines are operated by remote control. With the raymo robot mower, we even mow under the lowest stand! On a safe [...]

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Cleaning robot

Full-service solar panel maintenance

We are very proud of our company Flevo Solar Wash BV and like to share this feeling with you. We are now able to maintain all types of PV installations, full-service maintenance: east-west setups, contiguous solar panels on sloping roofs and in solar parks. For cleaning, we use a cleaning brush and a cleaning robot. We [...]

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To measure is to know!

To measure is to know! Cleaning contributes to a better performance ratio of your PV system.

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