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Cleaning of contaminated solar panels

Do you have dirty solar panels and is the maximum output of your solar panels declining sharply? Because (fine) dust, pollen, deposits or bird droppings attach themselves to solar panels, the yield can deteriorate. Rainwater does not wash away all of this pollution. An annual cleaning of your solar panels ensures that this pollution is removed. It also contributes to the lifespan of your solar panels. Maintenance is the preservation!

Sooty deposits on solar panelsCleaning brush 45 degrees

Flevo Solar Wash is the specialist in environmentally friendly cleaning of large numbers of solar panels. We clean your solar panels with warm osmosis water and without cleaning agents. Whether it concerns a project at height or an extremely large quantity of solar panels, we have proven practical experience in cleaning these projects.

Thanks to our practical experience, we can offer you the best possible service for the complete maintenance of your solar panels. Thanks to our experience, thorough preparation, good planning and the right tools, we are able to carry out our work efficiently. Our quotations are complete and clear. If you wish, we can make a detailed report of the work carried out afterwards.

Installation companies at home and abroad, governments, companies and energy cooperatives are among our clients.

Please feel free to contact us for a specific quotation.