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Our assets

For the cleaning of solar panels, we use a cleaning brush and a cleaning robot. The cleaning brush can be bent into an angle of 45°. This makes cleaning even more pleasant. With our cleaning robot, we clean contiguous panels on sloping company roofs or in solar parks. The robot cleans large quantities of solar panels efficiently and safely.

Below, we show you the operating resources we can deploy. We transport all this with a professional company bus and tilting trailer.

Cleaning brush 45 degrees rotating brush 45 degrees

Cleaning robot cleaning robot

In addition to the cleaning equipment, we also have mowing machines. We use them to mow the grass and weeds in solar parks: a mowing robot and a tractor. With our mowing robot, we mow the grass under the lowest level of the racks. In addition to a robot mower, we recently purchased a tractor. With this tractor, we mow the grass in the paths and around the racking in solar parks.

The tractor is equipped with an extra extension that makes the cut grass splash up even less after mowing. Unique in the Netherlands!

Mowing robot robot mower

tractor tractor

aerial platform aerial platform

In short, we are at home in all markets!