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Maintenance is the preservation!

Flevo Solar Wash B.V. specialises in cleaning your solar panels. Your solar panels are professionally cleaned with warm osmosis water and without environmentally harmful cleaning agents. 

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Flevo Solar Wash B.V.

Flevo Solar Wash B.V. is a company with extensive practical experience in the cleaning of large quantities of solar panels. Flevo Solar Wash has all the knowledge to provide you with the best possible service for the complete maintenance of your solar panels. We work with hot osmosis water and cleaning brushes and machines specially designed for solar panels.


Our Services

Flevo Solar Wash specialises in the efficient cleaning of large quantities of solar panels. This includes roof-tied projects and solar parks. We clean commercial projects at particularly high altitudes and projects consisting of extremely large numbers. In addition to cleaning panels, we also mow the grass in solar parks.

Reference projects

Full maintenance

In addition to the cleaning of solar panels, we also offer the mowing of grass in solar parks. We have various equipment with which we can mow around and under the stands. Our tractor has been modified to mow solar parks even more efficiently and cleanly. Unique in the Netherlands.

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