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Full-service solar panel maintenance

We are very proud of our company Flevo Solar Wash BV and like to share this feeling with you. We are now able to maintain all types of PV installations, full-service maintenance: east-west setups, contiguous solar panels on sloping roofs and in solar parks. For cleaning, we use a cleaning brush and a cleaning robot.

We call it 'maintenance' deliberately, because we also have a mowing robot that can drive under low racks of solar panels. The robot effortlessly cuts high grass and weeds. Recently, we added a tractor. With it, we can mow the paths in a solar park and around the stacks.

A full-service package, therefore, with which we can help our clients keep their PV systems in optimum condition.

Not caring, but 'unburdening' is the priority.

Cleaning brush 45 degrees rotating brush 45 degrees

Cleaning robot cleaning robot

Mowing robot robot mower

tractor tractor